Conferenties IAF Nederland

I had the privilege to wok with Henri for the IAF Netherlands Conference. The way how Henri managed the communication and relationship with speakers was exemplary. The care, support, attention to detail, and the personal warmth and guidance made my participation a real experience to remember.

Julia Goga-Cooke
CCO Gconsultancy Innovation

As the Chairman of the Dutch IAF-chapter Henri enables lots of facilitating professionals to be on the stage and to share their inspiration, knowledge and ongoing insights. Henri knows the charming way of mobilizing people’s assets and networks to create together meaningful books, conferences, meetings and workshops. Without Henri’s absolute persistence I wouldn’t have grown that much as I have done last decade!

Erik op ten Berg
Expert in creative thinking, brainstorming and finding business opportunities.

Henri acts as a teamleader, a projectmanager and as a chairman of larger events. I worked with him in these different roles. He is able to differentiate his acts depending on the different demands in a working process. He can open up to new opportunities. He can be persistent to get to a desired result. He can makes fast decisions, but is also open for changes. A very professional chairman with a open touch in contacts.

Ton Voogt
Ton Voogt Consultancy

Henri is capable of controlling many tasks in a relaxed and confirmative manner. He has both a professional and a ‘go-for-it’ attitude, which makes him a reliable and fantastic colleague to work with.

Nel Mostert
Facilitator/Trainer Creativity and Innovation

Henri heeft een hoofdrol gespeeld in de organisatie van de zeer succesvolle IAF-conferentie over faciliteren. Een congres met 110 deelnemers vraagt veel coördinatie en afstemming als het gaat om programmering, communicatie, marketing en organisatie. Henri heeft laten zien hierin een excellente organisator te zijn. Concensieus, to the point en afspraak = afspraak zijn enorme kernkwaliteiten van Henri die samenwerken met hem tot een feest maken.

Annet Noordik
IAF-Bestuurlid en eigenaar Hartelijk gefaciliteerd

Henri headed up the Programme Committee for the IAF Nederland Conference, “Faciliteren als Tweede Beroep”. He is an inspiring and tireless leader who handles both matters of long-term vision and minute detail equally well. He cares for people’s concerns and makes things fun as well. He won my respect and my trust. I would recommend Henri without reservation for any project that needs strong and effective leadership.

Maureen Jenkins
Master Facilitator

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