Diverging Conversations through Facilitation

‘Diverging Conversations through Facilitation – 24 Targeted Cases’

Jan Lelie, Henri Haarmans, Diverging Conversations through Facilitation, Gelling Publishing, 2014, ISBN 978-90-78440-72-7. 144 pages

The book contains 30 chapters in which:

  • 24 facilitators and their clients explain what the added value is of facilitation.
  • we give a definition of facilitation.
  • we compare the role of a facilitator with the role of a coach, organizational advisor, a trainer, a teacher, a project professional, etc.
  • we answer 12 frequently asked question.
  • we explain a lot of words used in facilitation.
  • By answering 8 simple question in the checklist you get an answer to your question: Do I need a(n external) facilitator?

Here you can read an extract of the book in the Viewing copy.
You can watch the promotional movie here, read the book reviews on my site or read them on Managementboek.nl or on TvOO (the last review on the page in Dutch).

The book is sold all over the world.

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